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About the Author:

Greg Williams

Born and raised near the Hollywood sign, Greg’s interest in Hollywood’s history began when he wrote The Story of Hollywoodland, a book about the neighborhood where he grew up. His connection to Hollywood goes beyond an interest in its history, though. Greg has devoted many hours to the preservation of Hollywood’s Historic District and continues to be active in the community.

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If you are in Ohio in August, you have to see this

Fibers Of America Gallery Show

Fibers of America - Cory Piehowicz artist reception Friday, Aug 3 6-9pm and opening reception Saturday, August 4 7-10pm at RIVET 1200 N. High St.

Cory Piehowicz was born and raised in Pickerington, Ohio and graduated with a film degree from Wright State University. In college he developed an interest for portrait and editorial style photography. His portraits seem to capture a realistic, rugged view of people. His photographs have a beautiful gritty feel to them. His main motivation is the historical photographs of how people use to live when the majority of people did real work and got their hands dirty. Inspired by such photographers as Weegee, Leonard Freed, Boris Mikhailov, and several unknown police and portrait photographers.

Cory collects vintage photographs, specializing in workers/workwear and vintage crime photographs. He currently works with clothing companies to photograph their projects and look books. Some of these projects allow him a chance to travel to California, where he meets up with good friends Mike and Charla Harris and venture on mining expeditions looking for old denim and clothing. While on these trips he gets document several photos of the expeditions which have been published in multiple Japanese magazines. He is working on a book of photographs from his vintage collection of worker portraits detailing the clothing the worn by workers of that time.

Bandit Photographer

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Martin Richert is supporting F.B.C X DicE Magazine collaboration in Germany, thanks about that!