lundi 29 août 2011

Marine Tattoos

The tradition of ink: cable anchors, mermaids, sailboats ... sleeves rolled up on the forearm, the Mataf exhibit their service. In the Western imagination, the image of the tattooed sailor is rooted in the centuries...


La tradition de l'encrage: ancres câblées, sirènes, voiliers... manches relevées sur les avant bras, les matafs exhibent leurs états de service. Dans l'imaginaire occidental, l'image du marin tatoué est ancrée pour des siècles...

samedi 27 août 2011


The New website Fat-Boy Clothing® is online, you can discover the new "pre-collec" F.B.C


Le nouveau site Fat-Boy Clothing® est en ligne, vous pouvez y découvrir la nouvelle "pre-collec" F.B.C

Denim Legends

Photographs from the denim archives throughout the world, this limited edition, collector's prize, illustrates the visual pedigree of denim and why as fabric and style it has captured the world's imagination. Limited Numbered Edition Upon request, the author will sign copy.

vendredi 12 août 2011

Free Wheels Bike Show 2011

Our good mate Remy won the first prize to Free Wheels in France with an T-Shirt FBC, congrats and thanks to him.


Notre bon pote Remy gagne le 1er prix aux Free Wheels avec un tee FBC,
félicitation et merci à lui.