mercredi 20 juin 2012

Life Magazine new issue – The Rolling Stones – 50 Years

Life Magazine is back in paper print & this Life Book photo journalism special called “The Rolling Stones” is an essential collection for any music fans bookshelf.

Its 128 pages of choc a bloc bliss. This classic photo journalistic piece carries the story, life & times of The Rolling Stones over a 50 year stretch.
Most photographs within the publication are grayscale although all telling. The camera work, focus, steady hands, & artistic flash is first class; A credit 2 the skill of Barbara Baker Burrows who serves as Director of Photography

From Early Times with Ian Stewart, Brian Jones, Andrew Loog Oldham, right thru 2 Mick Taylor, Ronnie Wood, & of course Mick Jagger & Keith, you’ll become A hooked on reader from page one

The storyline covers topics such as origins of the band, management, fans, tours of America, girlfriends, The Beatles, & later Family Life

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